Purple Pact finally gets rolling …

16 Mar

So a lot many things had been going on in the back ground with regard to Purple Pact and I just did not have the time to blog about it. One thing is for sure, which the last week has made me realise – setting up an organisation which is connected with something you hold close gives you an amazing rush of energy. So while I suffered 108 hours of continuous Fibro pain, there was something in me that made me go all the way and ensure that in one week a lot of work has been done. Let’s keep this crisp and to the point 🙂

  • The FB group seems to be going great with support pouring in all over the world. 
  • Purple Pact gets featured by the online women magazine B’khush and oh boy the response has been overwhelming!!!
  • Purple Pact is all set to be registered in 2 months (yayyyyy) and just a few documents need to be framed now with the entire structure sorted out 
  • Response to internship for Purple Pact has been outstanding, to say less and the internships will be rolling in from April 2012 – do spread the word please. We are basically looking for people in the pharma or medico field – studying or working and ready to blog, help us out in the website stuff and all. Detailed list of activities is available over mail 🙂
  • The portal design is also under deliberation and am checking out a lot of samples – do let me know if any ideas 🙂

That is all that’s happened in a week, sorry if that seems less but I had a back-breaking week – literally. Will start blogging about the main issues soon. Till then please stick to the pact! 🙂

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