Some dietary DOs and DON’Ts for Fibromyalgia and related conditions…

31 Mar

Since Fibromyalgia and all related conditions are caused by inflammatory response of the body to various ‘triggers’ , it would be quite sensible to eliminate those triggers. One can try identifying those ‘triggers’ and eliminate them for while to see if it brings any change in the pain pattern.

One of those ‘triggers’ is gluten, as it has been seen that many Fibromyalgia sufferers develop some kind of gluten intolerance or allergy at some point. Read here in detail about Gluten and inflammation.Eliminating gluten from the diet can be a good way to prevent Gluten induced inflammation.

Another trigger can be due to stress and insomnia. A disturbed sleep cycle can cause chronic increase in Cortisol, the hormone which prepares the body to be prepared for a Fight or Flight condition. Chronic increase in Cortisol can cause inflammation as it keeps the blood sugar high for longer periods of time and later meddles with insulin management too. The Adrenal gland that secretes this hormone also gets fatigued and there is greater inflammation due to this.

Cortisol is also produced to counter the Histamines (immune response) induced by gluten. So if there is stress and there is gluten in the diet too, the problem gets multiplied. Any sugar consumption would make it even worse for obvious reasons. Read this post about some more ill effects of gluten if one is sensitive to it and how t becomes all the more inflammatory in packaged food.

The few ingredients and food items to be eliminated to get relief from the symptoms would be…


Refined carbohydrates

Gluten (all wheat products)

Packaged food as most preservatives and additives deplete antioxidants and anti inflammatory substances from the body


All vegetables oils (especially refined oils) as they are rich in omega-6 fatty acids which are inflammatory in nature.

All kinds of trans fats

The few ingredients and supplements that can bring relief from the symptoms…

All nut and seed oils as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are anti inflammatory(olive oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, coconut oil etc)

flax seeds and fish oil supplements for omega-3 fatty acids

Vitamin B5(pantothenic acid) supplements

All foods containing Vitamin C and E

Lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens

Fruits of various colors

Pineapple, ginger, garlic, turmeric, raw onions, bananas, fenugreek leaves, Drumstick leaves, flowers and pods are all foods that would help fighting inflammation and supplement the system suitably.

Loads of green tea and Tulsi tea with ginger or lemon grass


I hope it helps a few people to manage the pain symptoms. Take care and choose functional food.



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One response to “Some dietary DOs and DON’Ts for Fibromyalgia and related conditions…

  1. Leila

    April 3, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Brilliant! I am so glad to have found you-I am currently eating a low carb/Paleo diet and slowly coming of of my meds-I am blogging about it-and I am going to follow you and put me on my list! I have just started but very inspired by changing my food intake to manage FMS. Leila


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